A few of our clients


Most Pandora boutiques are franchised stores. We've been working with our client, the MB Group for over 5 years, assisting them with all of their marketing needs, including weekly email blasts through Mailchimp, Constant Contact and now Robly, In-store events, contests and all of their social media pages for all 4 stores. 

Manheim Montreal

We worked this client on a monthly basis, creatively brainstorming ideas for their  monthly promotions. Given the fast paced nature of the car industry, we offered them promotion ideas that fit perfectly with their target market and then assisted them in executing them.

Golden Heart Wisdom

Looking to transmute your life completely? This client has been doing so for humanity in its entirety! We've been working with them for over 4 years now assisting with all sorts of marketing needs. We touched a bit of everything including their general marketing approach, social media, email marketing campaigns, content management for new programs, etc. Today, we take care of all of their French to English translations.


We've been working with AgedWood.ca for years, building their website, content management, brainstorming, go to market strategy and some social media and other projects. They're growing and we'll continue working together to make them as successful as they're willing to be!

Essence de Bach

These guys are assisting the animal world through their amazing products and we worked them by doing  all of their French to English translations. Their English website will be coming soon!