Marketing Consultant


Why pay a full-time Marketing Director that'll cost you the big bucks, when you can hire our Marketing Consultant to come in and do the heavy lifting while your coordinator executes the plan. You'll save precious resources to have a strong leader who can come in put creative ideas to paper and then work closely with your existing team to execute the ideas, promotions, and plans!

French to English Translations


Google translate can certainly translate, but how often does the essence of the message get lost in translation? We don't just translate words, we bring out the very heart of what it is you're trying to communicate so that your text feels like it was initially written in English!

Branding and Marketing Strategies


Sometimes we're so close to our brand that we don't see how it could be different, more vibrant and closer to the reality that we truly want to communicate. We work with some of the best graphic designers and artistic directors there are to deliver a branding and marketing strategy fitted to your needs!

Social Media Management


So you're interested in growing an online community? You've heard of some of the big players, and you know exactly why you want to go social... or do you? Not everyone needs to be on social media, not everyone should, but if you feel that you need or should be there, we'll be able to assist you in putting together an action plan that'll make sense for you and your business. 

We work with a team of experts who are passionate about social media and who can create compelling, engaging and pertinent content for your brand. We can also manage your social media pages so that you don't have to worry about any of it!

Content Management


Not sure how to communicate your message? Should you focus on e-mail marketing that will bring potential leads to a specific landing page with a strong call to action? Should you advertise through social media as you grow your community? What kind of content should your website host? What about your social media platforms? Or should you stick with your traditional media strategies?

Together we'll assist you in turning traffic into sales, and guide you in the kind of content that's pertinent to your offering and your clients' needs. Our services range from website content creation, email marketing (over the years, we've become pretty solid with MailChimp, Constant Contact, Robly, to name a few), program or product descriptions and anything else your business needs.

Creative Brainstorming


Ever talk off the cuff with someone and then, Eureka! You found the idea that opened up so many other doors! We can be that Eureka for you! We can come in and gather as much or as little intel as you want and start developing dynamite ideas that'll start building the kind of traction you desperately seek!

We can also just come in and brainstorm ideas with you!  And then, we can take the ball and run with it and have a brand new promotion fully thought out and executed, ready to go in a matter of one day, or two, or three... depending on your timelines... not ours. We'll bring you an onslaught of ideas about what to do next, a crazy promotion, a rocking strategy that'll wow your audience, create buzz and excitement and of course, stay within budget!

So yes, we can

 brainstorm, create and publish

a promotion for you

within one week!